Works on the Croisette and Palm Beach

In addition to the renovation and massive investment in the 5-star hotels on the Croisette, the renewal of the beaches and their concessions gave the city the opportunity to completely rethink the development of its famous boulevard, which is now getting a facelift. In order to comply with standards, demountable structures will replace the old seaside resorts, which will be demolished. A real necessary investment, these improvements will give rise to an aesthetic renewal and will optimize the quality of the offer to give rise only to services of excellence. The idea is not to transform and modify the Croisette in its entirety, but simply to embellish it.

Indeed, with its village spirit, this space has an incomparable advantage which is none other than the concentration of luxury boutiques grouping together some sixty shops, some of which are open in the evenings and on Sundays.  Our apartments for sale on the Croisette are a sign of the attractiveness of this mythical boulevard.

At the other end of the Croisette, the Palm Beach area, which has already undergone major works of embellishment and optimization of spaces, has a much greater potential.

Indeed, the project would consist in restoring the luster of the Pointe Croisette in Cannes by creating a real entertainment area with a nightclub, a cabaret and trendy restaurants. However, this project depends on a number of factors and people. However, following the call for projects launched in 2017, the majority of the co-owners are in favour of this creation.

Modernization of the Croisette's 5-star Hotels

Aware of the new requirements of their customers and wishing to remain competitive, the Martinez, the JW Marriott, the Majestic but also the Carlton are undertaking unparalleled modernization and renovation works.

The JW Marriott

Indeed, bought in 2006 by the Jesta Group for nearly €81 million, the palace is currently studying a major restructuring project, in line with its neighbours. This is despite the fact that the latest renovation work was carried out only a short time ago, in 2012.

With the €40 million invested, and in addition to the renovation of the entire resort, the group is planning to create, by redesigning the shopping mall, a 2,500 sqm commercial space (retail premises) for luxury brands overlooking the Croisette.

Closed since mid-October, it is also planned to improve the entrance hall with marble staircase and escalators and move it to the restaurant entrance to make it more visible, to redevelop the ground floor and thus transform the lobby into a bar-restaurant-lounge area, to renovate its 262 rooms and to embellish its private beach.

Once this beautiful metamorphosis is complete, the palace will reopen definitively in June.

The architect Alain Moetti of the Moatti Rivière agency in Paris is behind these beautiful creations.

Le Martinez

Wishing to keep this as confidential as possible, Le Martinez Hotel, which is now entering its third phase of works, has chosen to remain open since the start of the refurbishment. It is true that in 2017, 2018 and 2019, major work has already taken place: redesigning the 409 rooms, bar and restaurant areas as well as the creation of the new beach.

Today, the owners, Constellation Hotels Holdings, have invested €25 million in the final works to complete all the projects.

This modernization includes first of all the renovation of the largest suite of the palace located on the 7th and last floor of the hotel. The latter, with its 1,000 m² of living space and 600 m² of terrace, is one of the largest, and thus one of the most expensive, suites in Europe.

Instead of the existing spa on the 7th floor, 4 new suites and a beautiful room will be built.

Then, the north façade of the palace will undergo a real rejuvenation after a year of renovation. Also, the administrative offices / HR / security will be transformed into a spacious "open space", which will delight all employees.

Also, at the back of the hotel, a sumptuous Mediterranean garden will be created. It will embody a real well-being area and will include a beautiful swimming pool and a gym in the heart of a glass roof.

Finally, the famous top-floor spa will be located in a white house at the back of the hotel, covering 900 m².

This major project, carried out by Bouygues with the aim of satisfying an increasingly demanding clientele, will be completed by May 2021. 

The Majestic

Still in a spirit of discretion, the luxury hotel is undertaking, during a 3-week closure, major works following its extension in 2010. The group has understood this, as the needs of the clientele are constantly evolving, it is essential to be always up to date. This is why it has a concrete policy of constantly renewing its service and spaces.

This work includes the transformation of the restaurant "La Petite Maison de Nicole" into a restaurant called "Paradiso", a Mediterranean restaurant of Italian inspiration. Its new menu will be composed by Nicole Rubi, creator of the former restaurant, and Pierre Gagnaire, chef of Fouquet's.

Also, a brand new "chic and casual" suite, from the signature range, will be created. The hotel will thus have an 8th suite of 200 m² thanks to the grouping together of several rooms, assembled with the aim of creating a space that best meets the new requirements of the clientele in terms of space and comfort.

In addition, areas such as the cloakrooms, the rest room and the company restaurant, which are reserved for employees, will be renovated. This, to their great delight.

Finally, the Gray d'Albion, also belonging to the Barrière Group, will undergo some modifications. Indeed, some rooms will be redone, some facilities will be put in place as well as the creation of a new beach.

Together with the Majestic and the Gray d'Albion, the Barrière Group is committing €10 million this year.

The Carlton

Although the extension of the majestic palace has been "on stand-by" due to a dispute between the owner and Bouygues Construction, the €300 million work has been completed and is now being carried out by Vinci.

The Katara Hospitality group has thus embarked on three years of renovation and improvement of the spaces.

This pharaonic project will give rise to 37 suites, built around the historic monument built in 1913. The 343 rooms will also be renovated, as will the lobby, reception areas, bars and restaurants.

At the back, a large opening with a transparent bar will stage the future garden, with a beautiful heated swimming pool surrounded by charming arcades.

In spite of the modifications, however visual, nothing will distort the legendary Carlton palace.

Finally, the creation of meeting spaces is a real surprise. Indeed, an 800 m² meeting room as well as 4 modular rooms from 50 to 100 m² will be set up, semi-buried.

However, the Carlton Hotel is facing a real challenge: no closure is planned during these 36 months of work. It intends to take up this challenge by proceeding in stages and thus cutting the hotel into two parts, each of which will undergo an 18-month construction phase.

La Croisette, which benefits from a remarkable showcase for reaching international customers, has thus become the place where the largest luxury brands have adopted the hotel.


Two 4-star hotels planned on the Boulevard du Midi

On the seaside, west side of Cannes and on the border of Mandelieu La Napoule, beautiful projects are in progress or planned for soon.

Indeed, equivalent to the Croisette, the seafront that is the Boulevard du Midi is currently undergoing a complete renovation, called "Boccacabana", with the aim of creating a real promenade similar to the Promenade des Anglais in Nice or the Croisette in Cannes.

Also, two 4-star hotels are planned. These two hotel complexes will see the light of day within 300 metres of each other.

One of them, offering 235 rooms including 28 suites and 3,000 m² of spa facilities, will have 5 floors and will be 22.5 metres high. It will offer its clientele two restaurants, 210 underground parking spaces as well as conference rooms on 1,900 m². It will be distinguished from its future neighbour by its large marine thalassotherapy centre, spread over 23,000 m², with 25 to 30 treatment cabins as well as an indoor and outdoor swimming pool.

Although the identity of the future owner remains unknown today, with two separate investors in the running, the names of the architects are well known: the Cannes professionals Caprini and Pellerin, both of whom specialise in prestigious residences. Beautiful vegetation with green flow, a field of lavender and beehives on the roof are planned in the project.

As specified, a competing hotel will be installed just 300 metres from the latter. It will be a Hyatt Place hotel that should open its doors in the summer of 2022. Here, the name of the promoter is well known: Stéphane Uzan, from Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Its 4 floors rising 15 meters high, comprising 7 suites and 145 rooms of 27 m² with terraces of 4 to 6 m², will face the sea. The 3rd floor will be equipped with a sumptuous infinity pool. Future guests will also be able to enjoy a magnificent "rooftop", a fitness room and 400 m² of meeting space. 76 parking spaces are also provided, for the best comfort of all business and leisure customers.

Richard Guilhem, from the Cannes architecture firm, is working on this beautiful project for a start of work scheduled between April and June this year.