1 million euros apartment on the French Riviera

If you have a sum of a million euros to invest in property on the French Riviera, you need to make sure you make your choice wisely. It's a good amount of money, although it's certainly not the most that you can spend on property in the area. Anyone looking to purchase an apartment is probably going to be looking at around two or three bedrooms, but it's not just the space that's important. When it comes to apartments, the surrounding area and amenities are just as important as the apartment itself. There are some important questions to ask before you make your investment.

Where Can You Afford to Live?

The first thing you might want to know is where you can afford to buy an apartment on the French Riviera with around a million euros in your pocket. Even though it might not be enough money to buy you an eight-bedroom luxury villa, it can still get you an apartment in a number of places in the region, including Cannes and even pricey Saint Tropez. However, if you want to have more choice, you might be better off looking in an area like Nice or Antibes, particularly if you want a larger selection of three- or four-bedroom apartments. However, don't rule out any location as you'll find properties of all sizes everywhere.

How Much Space Can You Get?

The next thing you need to know is how big of an apartment you can get. You need to consider this in terms of both number of rooms and actual living space. A two-bedroom apartment in Cannes could have as little as 70m² of living space, but it could have over 100m². For around a million euros, you will typically be looking at apartments with one, two or three bedrooms. However, you might be able to find some within your price range that have as many as four bedrooms.

What Amenities and Services Can You Expect?

Apartments often come with a range of services and amenities you can benefit from. Firstly, there's what's inside the apartment, which could include a terrace or balcony. You should also check the size of the kitchen and number of bathrooms. Next, take a look at amenities that come with the apartment. How many parking spaces do you get, for example? Do you have your own space for laundry or is it shared? You can also find apartments with communal grounds, including swimming pool, park, tennis courts, and more. Those that do not have these private amenities often have other public amenities accessible nearby, from restaurants to shops.

Apartment with a View

Can you afford a good view with a million euros to spend on a French Riviera apartment? Yes, you can! You will often pay more for an apartment with a great view, but there are still many that fall within your one-million-euro budget. A sea view is certainly not out of the question, with apartments available in Cannes and other locations that offer a clear view of the sparkling Mediterranean.


Sale - Apartment - Cannes

Reference : 12498 - 1 090 000 €
surface Living area : 95 m²
terrasse Terrace : 20 m²
chambres Bedrooms : 2
sdb Bathrooms : 2