Attracting the Chinese on the Croisette: this is the mission that the tourism services have set themselves for 2020

Faced with this very complex market, the tourism services plan to implement all the strategies to capture, and thus conquer the Chinese so that they stay and consume in Cannes.

Whoever wants to sell a product must be « in vogue » and feel things coming. This is the talent of the city of Cannes, which constantly wants to be a "destination ahead".

This year, the city is embarking on a great seduction operation with several countries. The 41 actions programmed will thus concern China, the United States, Russia and India, with a particular focus on China.

Indeed, even if the Chinese are the fourth largest buyers of duty-free products, they represent only 0.6% of the nights spent in the Film Festival city. However, a notable evolution shows a real opportunity: in 1995, only 4.5 million Chinese went on holiday abroad; in 2018, 150 million... This makes it a sector with strong potential in which it seems impossible not to invest. Moreover, the city of Cannes recently won the Sichuan prize for the best destination.

Therefore, it seems essential to capture this market. In order to do so, the development of digital will then be essential, and, according to Laure Toma "the presence on the Weibo and Wechat networks will be optimized, partnerships with high-end travel agencies strengthened, the reception of influencers multiplied and digital marketing with airports will be reinforced". It should also be noted that new travel offers are now available between China and Nice to enable Chinese tourists to organize and plan their stay in the best possible way.

First foreign tourists: the Americans

From now on, Americans are the leading nationality of tourists in Cannes. Compared to 2018, their attendance has increased by 15%. This is not negligible and encourages us to try everything to increase their presence. The city's services are therefore planning to intensify virtual workshops in order to facilitate the accessibility of international promotion to all hoteliers. This, while at the same time limiting travel costs.

LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people have become the new target group due to their high purchasing power and their interest in beautiful travel destinations.

The Indians will come to Cannes

Cannes intends to explore the path of luxury marriage and this is how it intends to attract Indians to the territory: "with a billion inhabitants and 25 million Indians travelling abroad, we should be able to attract this nationality to Cannes".

Indeed, on October 13, the hallucinating wedding of Ria Dubash and Kunal Grover, son of an influential person in London society, occurred in Cannes during three days.

In order to allow its guests, staying at the Marriott and the Carlton, to fully enjoy the Croisette, the family did not hesitate to privatize it ...

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