The congress organizer, Reed Midem, is relieving the economy of the Côte d'Azur basin by confirming six of its events for 5 years, including Mapic and Mipim. Admittedly, the estimated 1.25 billion Euros of economic benefits are the good news. However, the real anchor point lies in the strategy of the Cité des Festivals and its subsidiary, SEMEC.

When it comes to events, 5 years is a long period of time... especially when you know that there are many different types of solicitations. Thus, the confirmation of 6 Reed Midem events over such a long period is significant of the attractiveness of the city of Cannes, which is known mainly for its International Film Festival.

The story between Reed Midem and Cannes began in 1965 and thus embodies a long and beautiful love story. Indeed, the signature on December 9th represents a strong element of the MICE planet because, more than 50 years later, the idyll still continues. 


This beautiful romance has led to the establishment of new partnerships and respect for certain details. Indeed, improving the attractiveness of these events, and thus of the city, consists in including socio-professionals in the construction of the strategy. Yes, hoteliers benefit positively from any BtoB congress, which generates, for each of them, a significant attendance. Restaurant owners are less impacted by these events but still play an essential role by participating in operations for about sixty of them.

As a result, the spin-offs may be indirect and may not concern the expected sector, but appear to be essential for the economy itself.

The event city and the real city are only one entity

Over the years, the Palais des Festivals has undergone many transformations that have completely changed its image. Indeed, the Palais des Festivals, which is constantly being improved, today represents a magnificent liner made of white and glass constantly in search of perfection: always meeting, but even more so, anticipating the needs of convention organizers.

Since 2008, 93 million Euros have been injected and 61.2 million Euros are dedicated to a beautiful extension which aims to optimize the attractiveness. Indeed, this represents a real challenge for the Palais des Festivals and Semec, who wish to "push the walls intelligently" by "raising the height".

This is a considerable challenge for the economic mix: tourism accounts for half of the basin's economy, half of which is produced by the GDP of business tourism.

These large-scale events are excellent for the economy but also for all those who depend on them indirectly. Thus, it is essential not to divide La Croisette and the rest of the world: there is no separation between them. Indeed, the BtoB activity serves the SMEs/VSEs in logistics, services, etc.


Cannes and the Reed Midem remain on the same wavelength. Cannes, by transforming its neighbourhoods and beaches, presents a strong argument. Indeed, Reed Midem also wants to develop its own concepts so that they remain international events.

The digital transformation is revolutionizing the uses of every industry, whatever they may be. The duty of these destinations is thus to have the trends, the content and the intelligence, globally speaking. During these congresses, clients are looking for evolution and thus wish to immerse themselves in the development of their sectors. The ultimate objective is to promote meetings and attract the younger generation and thus reflect the image of a young and dynamic city.

Cannes must be a place of incubation. Indeed, there is an economic and social challenge, certainly, but also one of anticipation in key sectors.

250 M€ of economic benefits, each year, are generated by the six congresses organized by Reed Midem, resulting in 170,000 hotel nights. 

We propose you a list of properties to rent for congresses in Cannes, consult our dedicated page.