In the last few years, technology has become more and more widespread and connected objects are multiplying to perfectly integrate the daily life of mankind.  
A few months ago, these connected devices were just being grafted onto the décor.
Today, they are an integral part of most luxury homes and are even incorporated directly into traditional equipment. Historic luxury properties can thus retain their soul and architectural beauty while benefiting from new technologies.
The home automation of luxury homes requires major renovation work as it is based on wired systems. Several companies are launching into the "domotisation" of high-end housing and thus investing in research and development to optimise the performance of technical solutions. The objective of these home automation experts is to simplify daily life but also to make savings and thus create real intelligent houses.
Some programmes such as "Habitat Connect" go even further and ensure the usefulness and feasibility of each project by analysing user needs for each room. These studies are organized according to a co-design methodology in 5 phases: development of usage scenarios, creation of product concepts, technical development, prototype and usage tests and finally valorization by a demonstrator.
Numerous connected innovations have thus been created to merge perfectly with all the spaces in the home and improve users' living comfort: connected mattress, connected bed, light doors, heated cupboard doors, air purifying furniture, modular cosy chair, leak-proof flooring, kid protect system, connected system.
More generally, today's household appliances are capable of communicating with each other and with the rest of the house: a video projector integrated in the kitchen ceiling is able to project the image onto the worktop using a resonance system that detects when the keys are pressed on the keyboard, the television can be connected to all the audio video sources in the house and can even be split into 4 screens, it is also possible to start a programme in the living room and continue it in the bathroom and then finish it in the bedroom without interruption, the wardrobe doors can be motorised with integrated lighting, the television can be inserted in the footboard, the bath can be run on demand and remotely with temperature maintenance, the mirror as well as the shower screen can be transformed into a television or computer screen with a waterproof keyboard and mouse, the lighting ambiances can vary in intensity and colours, the security system can include a motion detector but also an opening detector or intelligent alarms...
The villa thus appears as a fully automated good, at the service of the user for his comfort, safety, well-being and also his leisure.

Is the house of the future of the past tending to become the classic house of tomorrow?

Sale - Villa - Les Issambres
Contemporary villa

Reference : 8435 - 3 600 000 €
surface Living area : 328 m²
terrain Land area : 2140 m²
chambres Bedrooms : 7
sdb Bathrooms : 7

Newly built contemporary property - Panoramic sea view


Sale - Villa - Le Cannet
Contemporary villa

Reference : 1489 - 2 390 000 €
surface Living area : 250 m²
terrain Land area : 800 m²
chambres Bedrooms : 4
sdb Bathrooms : 4

Beautiful contemporary villa close to the Croisette


Sale - Villa - Mouans-Sartoux
Architect villa

Reference : 3371 - 5 900 000 €
surface Living area : 690 m²
terrain Land area : 11600 m²
chambres Bedrooms : 8
sdb Bathrooms : 6

Splendid newly-built contemporary villa


Sale - Villa - Grimaud
Contemporary villa

Reference : 8380 - 8 850 000 €
surface Living area : 350 m²
terrain Land area : 2622 m²
chambres Bedrooms : 5
sdb Bathrooms : 5

Architectural jewel - Astonishing sea view


Sale - Villa - Ramatuelle
Contemporary villa

Reference : 8360 - Price : Price upon request
surface Living area : 241 m²
terrain Land area : 1551 m²
chambres Bedrooms : 4
sdb Bathrooms : 4

Contemporary villa 3 minutes walk from Club 55


Sale - Villa - Cannes
Contemporary villa

Reference : 2121 - 14 900 000 €
surface Living area : 800 m²
terrain Land area : 6000 m²
chambres Bedrooms : 6
sdb Bathrooms : 6

Flat land, panoramic sea view